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Slider Cricket Bowling Machine - The Incredible Cricket Company

Slider Cricket Bowling Machine

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Introducing the Slider Cricket Bowling Machine Range from the official UK and European Stockist.


  • Variable bowling speeds up to 100kph (60mph) 
  • The Powerful A/C Motor throws fastballs & curve Balls too,
  • Fully adjustable for full pitch & short pitch deliveries 
  • The Slider also includes an automatic 12 ball feeder that holds the lite-balls.
  • Just turn on the feeder and each ball is dropped into the Slider machine every 9 seconds.
  • Take batting practice without the need for another player.
  • Easy to assemble & store
  • A simple swivel adjustment you can also hit fastballs and curve balls and able to produce in-swing & out-swing deliveries
  • Light Balls to be used EXCLUSIVELY with the Heater Slider Machine for safety & performance only.
  • Requires Mains Power supply
  • Bowling machine has fully adjustable tripod legs
  • Adult supervision required
  • Supplied with TWELVE Light Balls
  • Slider can be improvised for other practice sessions as catching, fielding, wicketkeeping with a use of Katchet Training Ramp